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The Spherical Electromagnetic Quantum

by Larry Spring

       Vangard Note...

           At the 1990 Borderland Conference in Santa Barbara, California
           I had the pleasure of meeting and talking in depth with Mr.
           Larry Spring  and his charming wife, Lois.  He has a fascinating
           theory regarding an entirely  new  concept  of  the  geometry of
           electromagnetic waves and how they propagate and are modified by
           various types of receivers or reflectors. We wish  to  thank Tom
           Brown and  Borderland  for  bringing  the  work  of Larry to the
           attention of the public.  We are  installing this small treatise
           on the KeelyNet BBS and plan to distribute it around the various
           Nets to allow a wider audience for this work.

           This spherical theory adds to work already done  by Keely on the
           fact that oscillation occurs across the diameter of a structure.

           Larry Spring, in 1985, using TV waves 150,000 to 9,600,000 times
           the size  of  light  waves,  was able to determine the spherical
           shape, size, alternating polarity magnetic structure, and bounce
           characteristics of the electromagnetic wave.

           You may contact Larry at 225  Redwood  Avenue,  Fort  Bragg,  CA
           95437 or call him at Home 707 964-2116, Office 707 964-4700.


       Quantum : The smallest amount of radiant energy capable  of existing
                 independently.  This  amount  of  energy  is regarded as a
                 unit.  (as defined in the Thorndike-Barnhart dictionary)

            The electromagnetic wave front  must  be composed of individual
       units, as these units can bounce independently to the feed horn of a
       satellite dish or  scatter  independently  from a surface  rough  in
       relation to the size of the quanta.

            I, Larry  Spring, in 1985 succeeded in determining, and setting
       down in writing  the shape, size,  magnetic  structure,  alternating
       polarity, bounce characteristics and compressibility  of the quantum
       of energy which was believed to exist by many electromagnetic energy
       physicists from Isaac Newton's time up to the present.

            My observation  of  results  from experimentation tend to favor
       the quantum theory over the wave theory,  and accomplish alternating
       current in a  conductor  at  a  distance,  based on transmission  of
       alternating polarity magnetic  fields  traveling through space, with
       the same magnetic structure and polarity  as would be found around a
       resonant conductor carrying a rapidly alternating electrical current
       as determined by Hans Christian Oersted and expressed  by  his right
       hand rule.

            All alternating  electrical  current from 1 cycle per second to
       the gamma ray  frequency  and  beyond  radiate  varying  amounts  of
       electromagnetic energy, but from a practical point of view I have to
       stay within the limits of my testing equipment which  goes from make
       and break vibrators  through  60 cycle power line leakage, AM radio,
       VHF television, FM  radio,  UHF   television,   C   band   satellite
       television, red laser light, white visible light and x-ray pictures.
       They all appear  to  be the same form of energy although  they  vary
       considerably in their  abilities  due  to  their enormous size range
       from infinitely large to infinitesimally small.

            We have a great deal of knowledge  assembled  in  the  past  by
       Isaac Newton, Max  Planck, Hans Christian Oersted, Albert  Einstein,
       Andre' M. Ampere and Michael Faraday, to name a few.

            We know  as  scientific  fact  a  great  number of interrelated
       actions and reactions of radiated  energy  upon  which  to build our
       modern electronic world.

            The facts I verified by experimentation and  used  in  order to
       arrive at my conclusions were as follows:

            Electromagnetic energy  travels  at approximately 186,000 miles
       per second through a vacuum and  almost  as  fast  through  air.  It
       travels slower through a denser medium like glass, water, plastic or
       oil.  The speed  I  determined by measuring one wavelength  which  I
       multiplied by the frequency.

            An electric current driven by electron movement travels along a
       conductor at approximately  186,000 miles per second and slower when
       it is impeded by insulation, etc.  This speed I also measured.

            Hans Christian Oersted discovered  that electron flow creates a
       magnetic field around a conductor.  The magnetic lines  of force are
       at 90 degrees  to  the  conductor  and  90 degrees to the electrical
       current direction of travel along the conductor.  This I tested with
       a simple compass needle.  A reversed  current will create a magnetic
       field around the conductor in an opposite direction.

            A conductor  passed  rapidly through the magnetic  field  of  a
       permanent magnet, in  a  position to cut the magnetic lines of force
       will have an electric current driven  in it moving in one direction.
       When passed rapidly in the opposite direction an electrical  current
       will flow along  the  conductor in the opposite direction.  Examples
       of this are the electric motor and electric generator.

            It makes no difference whether  the conducting rod is moving or
       the magnetic field is moving.  The conductor could be standing still
       and the magnetic field traveling at 186,000 miles per  second  as is
       the case with a receiving TV antenna.  Its the relative speed of the
       magnetic field and   the  conductor  that  produces  the  electrical
       current.  A conductor lying in a  position  that  does  not  cut the
       magnetic lines of  force receives no electron movement  or  electric
       current driven in and or around it.

            Tests show  that  magnetic  energy does not induce current in a
       conductor pointed directly at the transmitter or a conductor that is
       vertical to a totally horizontal transmission.   This  I have tested
       many times using a dipole antenna and a field strength meter.  It is
       used to separate  vertical  and  horizontal  polarity  of the C band
       satellite signal by  rotating  a   probe   antenna  horizontally  or
       vertically in the feed horn of a satellite parabolic  dish receiving

            Based on  the foregoing it is obvious that alternating polarity
       magnetic fields, broadcast from a  conductor carrying an alternating
       electrical current, and traveling at 186,000 miles  per  second, are
       capable of driving  a  similar  alternating  electrical current in a
       conductor at a distance, providing the conductor is in a position to
       cut the magnetic lines of force.   The best position would be in the
       same plane and parallel to the transmitting conductor.

            It is unnecessary for the traveling magnetic field  to  contain
       an electrical component.  A speeding magnetic field drives electrons
       in a conductor  at  90  degrees  to  its  direction of travel and 90
       degrees to its magnetic lines of force.

            Summary of the foregoing describes  a  simple  magnetic quantum
       traveling through space with every second quantum being  in opposite
       polarity.  The non-traveling  form  is  described in Oersted's right
       hand rule which can be readily demonstrated  by a battery, a compass
       and a piece of copper wire.  So much for the magnetic structure.

            I may be one of the first to recognize Oersted's magnetic field
       traveling through space and putting it into print.

            The shape  of  all  quanta must be the same  as  they  all  act
       similarly.  Only the size and density of magnetic lines of force are

            The best observation of its shape is the way it bounces.  Being
       of equal dimensions in all directions it is capable of bouncing from
       all quadrants of  a parabolic satellite receiving dish regardless of
       polarity.  This I tested by screening  off  sections  of the dish to
       see if all polarities bounce equally, and they do.   It  has all the
       bounce characteristics of a weightless elastic ball.

       Vangard Note...

          at the  Borderland  Conference, Larry demonstrated this theory by
          using a parabolic dish lying face up on a table, suspended at the
          focal point of the dish was a ping pong ball.  When Larry dropped
          other ping pong balls from any angle, THEY ALWAYS STRUCK THE BALL
          AT THE FOCAL POINT.  If the incoming  energy  had  been  lines of
          force or  undulating  waves,  they would have all  had  different
          angles of  deflection  and  missed  the  focal point, I was quite

            If it is quantum (a quantity)  shaped like a ball, it must have
       a three dimensional size.  This can be readily determined by running
       the energy through a chicken wire grid like screening gravel.

            Wire openings just larger than 1/2 wavelength  will  pass  most
       all the signal without loss.  Wire openings 1/4 wavelength will pass
       approximately 1/2 of   the   signal.    1/8   wavelength  will  pass
       approximately 1/4 of the signal.  A solid metal sheet reflects it
       all, except for  the tiniest spheres which find the texture of solid
       metal is really like a screen.  The  size is directly related to the
       1/2 wavelength and  ties  in correctly with 1/2 wavelength  diameter
       traveling magnetic spheres  of  alternating  polarity following each
       other through air and space.

            Most of the energy that does  pass  through  the  wire  mesh is
       reflected back as   determined   by  constructive  and   destructive
       interference with a  test dipole antenna in front of the screen, and
       a field strength meter.

            The vertical magnetic lines  of  force  around  a  horizontally
       polarized transmission can be readily shown by passing the spherical
       magnetic quantum through a grill of vertical wires.   Close  spacing
       of the wires makes little difference and very little if any loss
       of signal, as  the  vertical  wires do not cut the vertical lines of
       force around the horizontally polarized  sphere  of magnetic energy.
       The grill can  be  placed  any  distance in front of  the  receiving
       antenna which indicates  that  normally  the  lines  of force remain
       vertical from transmission to reception.

            If the vertical grill of wires  is  rotated  90  degrees to the
       wires, the slots,  then the transmitting antenna and  the  receiving
       antenna all lie in the same plane.  This allows the amount of signal
       passed and reflected  to  be  determined  by  the  wire  spacing  in
       relation to the 1/2 wavelength as  stated  in  my  description  of a
       signal passing through a grid.

            A grill  at 45 degrees to the polarity will pass  approximately
       50%.  Wires spaced  over  1/2  wavelength  will  pass  most  all the
       signal.  This grill of wires acts  with  UHF TV and satellite signal
       the same as polarizing film works on sunlight or laser light.

            The size of the sphere of magnetic energy is determined  by the
       1/2 wavelength.  In  other  words  the diameter of the sphere is the
       distance of 186,000 miles per second  the  energy  can travel in 1/2
       cycle.  TV channel  3  video  is  transmitted  at   a  frequency  of
       61,250,000 cycles per  second with a total wavelength distance of 16
       feet or 8 feet to a 1/2 wavelength.  The C band satellite signal has
       a frequency of 4 billion cycles per second and a 1/2 wavelength of
       1 and 1/2 inches which is just about  the  size  and shape of a ping
       pong ball without  any weight.  1/2 wavelength diameter  spheres  of
       visible light are about 1/100,000 inch.

            Size can be roughly determined by passing through openings in a
       screen, but another  way  would be its bounce characteristics from a
       rough surface.  For instance a ping  pong  ball  bounces  accurately
       from a sandpaper  covered  paddle while light spheres  striking  the
       same paddle would be scattered.  The ping pong ball spans across the
       grains of sand,  while the tiny spheres of light would bounce in all
       bouncing from a  mirror  surface  would  bounce  accurately  and  in
       unison, so would the ping pong balls.  This thought could be carried
       larger to radio   spheres   of   1,000  feet  in  diameter  bouncing
       accurately from a rough earth or  ocean  surface  that would scatter
       the ping pong ball size spheres.  Going smaller the tiny X and gamma
       rays would probably  be scattered by the pores of polished  metal,or
       pass right through as though it was a screen or lattice.

            Magnetic spheres  find  many  materials  transparent  to  their
       particular size, like light will  pass  readily  through  glass  and
       water while UHF TV and C band satellite 4 GHZ signal  will  not pass
       through water, but  will  pass  through  black plastic or tar paper,
       which does not pass light.  The list  is  long and revealing but you
       get the picture.

            All magnetic  spheres of energy pass right through  each  other
       without combining as  witnessed  by sunlight filtered into its three
       primary colors passing the focal  point  below  a  magnifying glass.
       Before convergence they display the three primary  colors.   At  the
       focal point their  combined energies reflect white light back to our
       eyes, and past the focal point they  are  again  the  three  primary
       colors on the opposite side of the dot.

            Now lets put to the test these weightless, transparent  spheres
       of magnetic energy  with  their  magnetic lines of force vertical to
       their poles and their poles 90 degrees  to their direction of travel
       from the energy source (before the first bounce).

            All magnetic spheres of radiated energy travel  in  a  straight
       line at high  speed  until one of the following events changes their

                               ***  Reflection  ***

               Elastic spheres can reflect  perfectly  in  any direction as
               dictated by the slope of the reflecting surface.   I like to
               call it  bounce  as  the  spheres  really contact the bounce
               surface 1/4 wavelength before  the  customary description of
               reflection, and bounce intact like a ball.

               The flat bounce surface does not cut the magnetic  lines  of
               force.  It  simply  redirects  the  complete  package.   The
               center of  the  sphere  does   not   travel  that  last  1/4

               This is  a  distance  of  4  feet  on TV channel  3  and  is
               important with  radio  and  TV  spheres,  as  well as to all
               spheres regardless of their  size  in  order  to  understand
               their behavior.

               However it may seem trivial to spheres of visible  light  as
               the 1/4  wavelength  is  only 1/200,000 inch.  Light is what
               the old timers were observing  when  the  laws of reflection
               were established.

                               ***  Dispersion  ***

               Tiny spheres can be scattered or diffused perfectly from
               a surface rough in relation to the size of the sphere.
               I previously mentioned light striking the sandpaper  surface
               of a  ping  pong paddle where the light is scattered and the
               ping pong ball bounces accurately.

                               ***  Refraction  ***

               Spheres have  the proper  shape  to  change  direction  when
               entering the smooth surface of a denser medium  at  an angle
               and from any direction.

               The portion   of   the  sphere  entering  first  experiences
               retardation and  compression  in  the  denser  medium  which
               rotates the sphere to a new direction until  the  sphere  is
               totally in  the denser medium, although it is compressed and
               travels slower as dictated  by  the density of the medium as
               per the refraction index.

               Upon popping out and expanding from a parallel  surface like
               the bottom side of a sheet of glass the reverse action takes

               The side  of  the sphere to pop out first travels faster due
               to expansion and rotates  the  sphere  back  to its original
               speed and direction.

               The greater the angle measured from the normal  the  greater
               the direction of change.  The normal or straight-through has
               equal drag  on  all  sides  and  so experiences no direction
               change, only a compressed and slower speed.

            Light spheres refract perfectly  through  a  magnifying  glass,
       approaching straight and parallel in random polarity  from  the sun,
       and being of  equal  dimensions  in  all  directions,  they  refract
       through the glass in any direction  dictated  by  the  slope  of the
       surface of entry and departure, ending up at the focal  point  where
       their energies are  concentrated.  If not stopped at the focal point
       they just pass on through each other in a straight line and continue
       on their way.

            Diffraction is  a  condition   where   one  side  of  a  sphere
       experiences a retardation or drag usually across  an  edge  sharp in
       relation to the  size of the sphere.  This rotates the sphere into a
       new direction, the same as it did  when  entering  a  denser medium.
       The more overlap of the sphere to the edge the greater the direction
       of change.  No overlap, no change.  Slight overlap,  slight  change.
       Spheres can diffract  over  a straight edge or through a sharp edged
       hole, it makes no difference to a  sphere because it is equal in all

                        ***  Constructive Interference  ***

               When two  spheres  of alternating polarity  magnetic  energy
               pass around  the  same  conductor at the same instant in the
               same polarity they drive  electrons  in  the  conductor with
               more force than a single sphere of energy.   This  is called
               constructive interference.

                        ***  Destructive Interference  ***

               When two spheres of like frequency and opposite polarity due
               to a longer path pass around a conductor at the same instant
               the sphere with denser energy (more magnetic lines of force)
               will prevail minus the drive of the weaker sphere.

               If the  two spheres were equal in energy they would both try
               to drive the electrons in  their  own  direction  with equal
               force and nothing would happen.

               This would  be  read on a field strength meter as a complete
               null.  The above is called destructive interference.

               This would happen when paths  of  a  transmitted signal were
               one 1/2 wavelength or 1 and 1/2 wavelength,  etc...,  longer
               than the   other   caused   by   reflection,  refraction  or
               diffraction as in Young's experiment with a double slot.

            If spheres of energy due to path length pass around a conductor
       somewhere in between like and unlike  polarity, one sphere of energy
       will start to drive the electrons one way and the next at a slightly
       later time, lets  say 1/4 wavelength late, and in opposite  polarity
       will try to  drive  the  electrons  the  opposite  direction  a  1/4
       wavelength later and  the  results   would   be   somewhere  between
       constructive and destructive interference.

            If the spheres of like polarity are in almost the same position
       at the same  instant  they  will  add  to  some degree.   If  unlike
       polarities arrive at  the conductor at close to the same instant the
       resulting electron drive and current would be almost cancelled.

            Scientists today with modern instruments and modern frequencies
       have a tremendous advantage over  the  old  timers  who  worked with
       light and their own eyes for instruments.

            I, Larry  Spring, picked visible sunlight and  laser  light  at
       about 1/100,000 inch  on  the  1/2  wavelength,  to C band satellite
       signal a magnification of 150,000  times  the  size of light, and TV
       channel 3 which  is  9,600,000  times the light wavelength.   I  was
       quite readily able   to   determine   their  size,  shape,  magnetic
       structure and behavior in this large  size, using modern instruments
       unavailable to the geniuses of 100 to 200 years ago.

            My observations to date have not changed any of  the  beginning
       and end results  of  the  electromagnetic wave theory.  They simply,
       logically and mechanically describe  the  energy's  spherical shape,
       size, alternating   magnetic   structure,   bounce  characteristics,
       compressibility, retardability, electron       driveability      and
       transparency to each other which they  must  have to accomplish what
       the electromagnetic energy is known to do.

            The magnetic  energy is driven from the transmitting  conductor
       by a magnetic  field  that is expanding in all directions at a speed
       of 186,000 miles per second, which  is  probably about 200,000 times
       the expansion rate of exploding gunpowder.  The component  parts  of
       the expanding front must pull themselves together like raindrops and
       travel in a  straight  line  until they bounce, refract, or diffract
       which changes their direction, or  its  energy  is  used  up driving
       electrons in a conductor, or by other means.

            As far  as I can visualize it starts as heat  and  ends  up  as
       heat, but that is beyond the scope of this article.

            Think electromagnetic  waves  and  the best you can say is "its
       difficult to describe just how, but that is the way it works".

            Think spheres as described in  the  preceding  article and most
       all the actions and reactions of the magnetic energy  fall logically
       and mechanically into place.

            This improved vision should open new avenues of discovery.

            Having been  unable to find anyone throughout the United States
       or any written articles exposing all my observations, I believe I am
       the first to bring many of them forth  in  my  book,  copyrighted in
       1985 as an  unpublished work and published in June,  1986,  and  2nd
       edition in 1987,  entitled  "My Electromagnetic Spherical Theory and
       My Experiments to Prove It" by Larry  Spring,  address  225  Redwood
       Ave., Fort Bragg, California, 95437, USA.
       Vangard Note...

            At the  1987  Global  Sciences Congress in Denver,  I  had  the
            pleasure of  attending  a  technical seminar by Ed Skilling and
            Bob Beck.   In  a private discussion  with  Bob,  we  spoke  of
            SCALARS and  the  confusion  many people have in  understanding
            their form.  A form of visualization derived by Vangard for the
            SCALAR field  is  to  think  of  bubbles  being driven from the
            emitter, to which Beck said that was a perfect analogy.

            Further information on this subject  came  from a 1988 visit to
            Peter Kelly's   lab   in  Lakemont,  Georgia.    There,   Peter
            graciously showed me his lab and some of his ongoing work.
            Two things  of interest which I feel apply partly to this paper
            and need to be commonly known.

            The first was a demonstration by Peter showing a SCALAR wave on
            an oscilloscope  with  a special  detector.   On  the  greatest
            resolution, the  SCALAR  took  on  the  form   of  many  nested
            frequencies inside  a  primary bubble.  In other words, like an
            onion with multiple skins.

            The second was a circuit board  used  as a SCALAR end amplifier
            which consisted  of 12 transistors all connected  in  parallel.
            Peter said  the  transistors were NOT used as tuned circuits to
            gain the  greatest possible  "nested"  reception.   The  spooky
            thing was  that  when  he adds a 13th transistor,  one  of  the
            transistors will inevitably blow.  When cut open, the inside of
            the transistor  is  hollow  as  if VAPORIZED.  I was astounded!
            Immediately, the MAXIN light  as  recounted in the "Dividing of
            the Way" by Phylos, came to mind, Peter said he had not thought
            of that but anything was possible.  The MAXIN  is  a  vibration
            visible as  a  white light, so high as to be akin to Aether and
            which could completely vaporize, without flame, light increase,
            or residue any matter.

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