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The Pressure Zone Theory (PZT)

by Jerry W. Decker
Vangard Sciences

       John Worrell Keely  used  vibrating   waveplates   in  his  compound
       vibrational research.  These   waveplates  were  inspired   by   the
       original  work  of  Ernst  Chladni  and  used by Keely as analytical

       The basic principle  of  a  Chladni  Waveplate involves the use of a
       surface capable of stimulation by  sonic  sources.  When the surface
       is covered with a loose powder, usually lycopodium, (although it can
       be sand for  all practical purposes), is  excited by various musical
       tones, fascinating patterns will  form;  dictated by :
          1)  the modes of vibration of the  reflecting  medium,  i.e, the
          2)  the  acoustic properties of the vibrating body
          3)  and the frequency(ies) used.
       The most famous  modern  day researcher into such modes of vibration
       was the late Hans Jenny of Switzerland.   Prior to his death, he had
       been working on  a  system  for the generation of three  dimensional
       images of complex  vibrations.   A  most  excellent  film created by
       Jenny is incorporated  into  a  video  by  Dr.  Peter  Guy  Manners,
       entitled "Cymatics."

       This film shows the most wondrous patterns formed  from  single  and
       multiple vibrations.  In  his  advanced  work,  Jenny used a type of
       fine  plastic  powder  which had cohesive  abilities  leading to the
       formation of shapes much like those  found in  nature.  He also used
       ferrous  particles (iron  filings)  as a  vibratory reflector (as in
       sand), energized from below  by a  magnet.   These  formed  patterns
       which danced over the vibrating surface with fascinating effects.

       The patterns remind  one  of  those   found  in  fractal  generation
       programs with either (or both) inflowing or outflowing  forces.  The
       matter is therefore  distributed using either a dispersing technique
       when outflowing or a concentrating movement when inflowing.

       If you can find the video (usually  from  new age type bookstores or
       sources), we highly recommend it, the name of the tape is "Cymatics"
       and is by Dr. Peter Guy Manners of England.

       Now, when considering  excitation,  we  find  that  Nature  uses two
       different effects as indicators of a flow of force.  That
       flow of force can manifest as one of three possible modes of
       action as taught by Keely, i.e.  push, pull or balance.

                              THE INVERSE SQUARE LAW
                    (dissipation of force over expanding area)

       In the case  of  a  speaker  exciting the flexible medium of air, we
       find that a  central  shaft  (the   magnet),  generates  fluctuating
       magnetic fields to  PULL  or  PUSH  a  coil of wire  attached  to  a
       vibrating paper cone.   The  cone  becomes  the  exciter for the air
       emanating from a central source.

       Here we find the inverse square law  in  full control of the release
       of energy from  the centrally excited area.  As the  energy  expands
       from the central  area,  it  becomes  ever  more  diffuse due to the
       spreading out over a larger surface area.

       Waves measured close to the central  exciter  will  have  a  smaller
       length than those  measured  at various distances from  the  center.
       Thus, Nature uses various mediums (air, water, physical mass, etc..)
       as a means  of  dividing frequencies.  Of course, as the wavelength
       becomes  longer the amplitude is also reduced due to expression over
       a greater area.

       It can be argued that this is not always the case especially in the
       event that a  continuous  wave is emitted from the  central  source.
       When this occurs, reflections from the resistive/impeding
       effects of the propagating medium can cause standing waves
       whose measured distance will show the actual excitation
       freqency.  The presence or absence of a restraining wall will
       determine such phenomena.

       But  for all  practical  purposes, single high amplitude  waves will
       lessen in amplitude and increase in wavelength (longer waves = lower
       frequencies) depending on  the  resistive/impeding properties of the
       medium  in  which  the  energy  is  dissipated and the presence of a
       restraining boundary.

                         THE RECIPROCAL INVERSE SQUARE LAW
                  (concentration of force over diminishing area)

       In the case of a medium which vibrates  over  its entire volume, any
       mass held within that volume will be influenced to "charge"
       (itself) to an energy state equivalent to the average level
       for the excited medium.

       Higher energy charges will dissipate by a gradual release of energy
       into  the  overall  localized  area, while lower energy charges will
       pull energy from the background until all potentials equalize. (This
       is one of the primary principles  used  in  true occult studies  to
       generate various "miraculous" effects.)

       Indications from various Biblical and metaphysical sources lead
       one to believe that "beings" from higher dimensions (greater
       energy levels) suffer great pain when making themselves known
       in our dimension. Precisely due to this continual tugging of
       their energy level DOWN to that of our dimension. This pain
       would be experienced as a weakening of energy and ability
       including thought processes, etc...

       This is also the basic principle  for  the  ZPE (Zero Point Energy).
       That we are immersed in a sea of energy, invisible  to ourselves and
       our instruments because we all exist at the same energy level as our
       background in normal circumstances.

       Without a difference of potential (i.e. a zero reference or ground),
       we cannot effectively  or  reliably  measure  such  an energy level.
       Therefore, to actually tap such energy,  we  must create a "well" of
       negativity (lesser energy) in order to create a ground.

       To continue, when the medium is excited, any mass within that medium
       must be pulled up to the average energy level  of that excited medium.

       Those masses resistant to such influence   must of necessity
       "gravitate" to areas of less energy.   In  other  words,  the energy
       level of any given mass will serve as a level of density  which will
       seek to find its own level.

                                 CONDUCTION ZONES

       Studies of lightning   have   shown   that   electrical   energy  as
       encountered in the Earth's atmosphere can equalize from :

           1)  Cloud to Earth discharges
           2)  Earth to Cloud discharges (reverse lightning)
           3)  Cloud to Cloud discharges

       All Nature strives to maintain balance  between  like forces through
       seepage or discharges, depending on the amplitude (buildup)  of  the

       In any medium, the energy level measured at any given point will not
       necessarily be a  reliable  indicator of the average energy level as
       measured at any  other point.  Homogeneity  (uniform  structure)  is
       rarely accomplished in  Nature as a direct result  of  Keely's  PUSH
       continually  fighting  the  PULL.   A balance is  achieved  on rare
       occasions and can present interesting effects.

       If one imagines a tank of water with  various substances floating in
       it (note - IN,  not  ON  the  surface)  as  "clouds"   of  relatively
       homogenous mass, though  highly  attenuated  (spread out) due to the
       presence of the  supporting  medium  (i.e. the  water),  then  these
       "clouds" would act  as  resistors  or  areas  of greater  or  lesser

       Such "clouds" will  cause  variations  in  any measurements taken at
       various points within the medium.

       In the case of lightning, we see  how  areas  of  conductance can be
       biased with a more negative or a more positive charge.

       Since the Earth is generally regarded as being negative, it can have
       areas of greater negativity or lesser negativity (resulting in earth
       to cloud discharges).

       A rapid buildup  of  positive  charge  in a localized area would not
       have time to disperse within the overall surrounding negative medium
       of  the  earth  due  to various properties of that surrounding soil.
       When this occurs, we h ave "reverse lightning."

       These soil properties  would be much like N and P type conductors in
       solid state components, reducing the speed with which the potentials
       would equalize from one soil area to another.

       In the same vein, any other medium (including the King of
       all, aether, can have such conduction zones.

                           PRINCIPLE OF LEAST ACTION

       Considering this phenomenon  from  a less energetic  standpoint,  we
       will use physical matter as a more understandable analogy.

       A stream of  water  such  as  a  river (or any other medium),  has a
       general speed of flow. Other streams which blend  with  the  primary
       stream usually flow slower and are attracted by the  Venturi  effect
       (suction generated from high  velocity  flow,  as also  demonstrated
       with ORGONE by Reich and Constable, since Orgone attracts moisture).

       Victor Schauberger found that in any natural flow of water, the path
       would take  on the form of  curves  and not straight lines. These
       curves produce  a braking  effect on the overall speed of the water.

       Additionally, water has a cohesiveness  (wetting) which causes it to
       stick to other mass.  As a direct result of this,  moving  water  as
       measured from the  center  of the flow will have a much faster speed
       than that measured at the retaining wall.

       This creates overlapping "shells"  of  flowing water dictated by the
       amount of turbulence encountered from the walls and the re-combining
       of the water  through  deflection  from  various  layers  moving  at
       different speeds.

       The phenomenon is  generally referred to as LAMINAR FLOW because the
       water will separate into tubes within  tubes  of  ever  more rapidly
       flowing fluid.  The closer one gets to the center,  the  faster will
       be the flow.

       Now, when you  have a flow of material moving at one speed, water in
       this case, coming  into  contact  with  another  flow  of  the  same
       material, moving at a greater or lesser speed, you  have interesting
       phenomena.  The fluids  will  strive  to achieve balance between the
       two separate speeds, which in effect will create a third speed.

       In electronics, this is known as the principle of heterodyning.
       It involves the mixing of two signals to generate two
       additional frequencies for a total of four. The other two are
       the sum and difference of the two primary frequencies.

       For instance, if we have F1=1000 CPS,  F2=8000 CPS, then we subtract
       F1 from F2 and get 7000 CPS, then we add F1 plus F2 to get 9000 CPS.
       This gives us four separate frequencies (though there are more) from
       such a simple process.  (i.e. 1000, 7000, 8000, 9000 CPS)

       Nature takes full  advantage  of  such simple principles to generate
       ever more complex forms from ever more complex wave blending.

       Now as these waves blend or interfere with each other, they create
       zones of lesser  physical  activity.   The closer one  goes  to  the
       center of the  flow,  the greater will be the overall activity level
       (equate activity to energy).

       In the case of physical mass, the smaller the body, the easier it is
       to move at a fast rate of motion.   The  larger  the  body, the more
       difficult it is to move at a fast rate of speed.

       Particles of mass will in general seek the area or  level  of  least
       physical movement which  Nature  provided  to  prevent the particles
       from being destroyed  by  the  incessant percussion of  the  high
       activity motion.

       Beacuse of this natural tendency, all mass will seek  the  activity
       (energy) level of least motion.

       Remaining within the  context  of  water flow, the curves of a river
       tend to "attract"  loose  materials   as  a  direct result of  the
       reduction in motion of the water in that localized area.

       These loose materials take the form of floating objects such as wood
       or  other  objects  with  densities  greater than that  of the water
       itself and can  include rocks on the river bottom.  The accumulation
       of mass to the areas of lesser motion  presents the least action on
       the surface of the mass.

       This principle expands into one of Universal importance  (As  Above,
       So Below) which offers astounding possibilities.

       We can therefore   consider   all  physical  structures  as  Chladni
       Waveplates, with the  Universe as  a  giant  3  dimensional  Chaldni

       In the book, "How to Build a Flying Saucer", Thom Pawlicki  offers a
       theory on how  the planets are sustained within our Solar System and
       why they rotate around our Solar System.   He  likens the sun to the
       magnet of a  speaker  with the various standing waves  creating  the
       orbits of the planets.  These standing waves have their own internal
       motion which acts to propel each planet around the Sun.

       Additionally, each planet  or  mass aggregation or sun will function
       as it's own exciter, thus creating a waveplate driven and controlled
       by the amplitude and frequencies  of  the  controlling  exciter (the
       planet), yet still under control of the Solar Exciter (the Sun).

       To expand our PZT concept to Universal proportions, we can see how
       each of these aggregations will be a series of layers,  quantized if
       you will, into  successively  more intense energy levels as  one
       proceeds away from the accumulations of mass. Remember that mass
       will be seeking levels of least activity (or energy level).

       Einstein's famous E=MC^2 shows how mass converts to energy and
       energy converts to mass.  Now if Aether is in fact, extremely high
       frequencies (ergo, levels  of high energy) and that energy is slowed
       down sufficiently,  then the energy will
       convert to mass as a pre-requisite for the ability  of  that mass to
       remian in a level of low energy density.

       This "level of low energy density"   directly  points  to  the
       probability that the Aether is highly attenuated (tenuous in Keely's
       terms) in areas which sustain mass aggregations.

       Each of these layers becomes ever  more  dense  (has a higher energy
       level) as one  goes  deeper  into  space  until the maximum  density
       (energy level) is achieved, the Godhead if you will.

       Now that you  have  this  pictured in your mind, you can see how the
       interactions of the various energy  layers around a mass would serve
       to establish a  background  level  equivalent  to the  largest  mass
       aggregation (the ruling body) which would provide the first level of
       background energy density.

       Note also, that  since  Aether  is more diffuse in the areas of mass
       due to its conversion into matter  from  E=MC^2, then the mass
       will provide the ruling background energy level. As  opposed to the
       energy levels found in deep space.

       These various energy  levels  would in turn interfere to cause nodes
       of relative stillness which force the mass to locate to the most
       still point or area of least activity. However,  even  that  can be
       argued by the tendency of a mass to seek its own energetic level and
       not necessarily the point of least activity.

       Not gravity as we currently conceive it but a pushing force from the
       rapidly moving energy levels towards the areas of greatest stillness
       (least energy or activity).

       With the inverse  square  law,  an excited mass from a central point
       causes energy to dissipate as it  moves  farther  from that exciting
       point or mass center.

       In the case of the Pressure Zone Theory, the BACKGROUND IS THE
       EXCITED MASS and therefore consists of "ripples in the fabric
       of space" which act like waves of water to force particulate
       matter INTO the areas of stillness. Thus, the reciprocal of the
       Inverse Square Law prevails in this case. The energy remains
       the same except that it is "crystallized" in the form of mass.
       As it is released, it seeks its level of density (energetically

        The  realization  here  is  that  the  areas of least activity are a
       direct result of interference between high energy flows, forming
       "nodes"   of  stillness  or  least  activity   when   measured  with
       surrounding energy flows or activity levels.

       Force is thus continually concentrated from the outside movements of
       energy  and  high activity with the end result of "deflecting" mass
       towards those "zones of stillness" resulting from interference.

       In  order  to protect the  integrity  of a structure from being torn
       apart  by  excess  vibration  stimulated  by  the medium in which it
       resides,  the  mass  will  naturally  locate  to  the areas of least

       Thus, levitation (and  a  host  of  other phenomena  including  free
       energy) is simply  the  establishment  of a sufficiently high energy
       density in a contained area which causes the mass to "escape" to the
       density layer which  matches  itself.    Just   like  ballast  in  a

       That is why Searle, Tesla, Keely, Carr and Biefeld/Brown  as well as
       others localized energy to  ever higher densities.  They all did it
       but using different types of energy.

       Searle used both  rotation  and  high  voltage  DC,  Tesla used high
       voltage/high frequency AC, Keely  used  high  intensity  sound waves
       (remember "shock excitation"),  Carr used physical rotation  greater
       than the Earth's circumference thereby increasing the magnetic field
       of the craft,  and  Biefeld/Brown  used  high  voltage  DC and later
       rotation, all to  generate lift to an energy density (or  level)
       closer to that of the excited body.

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