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Physics Links

Have physical constants changed with time?

Astronomy Unbound - Physics concepts & Glossary of terms

A Comprehensive Mathematics Glossary of terms

Ripple Tank Simulator (Java applet)

Physics Animations

This is Physics Page

3D graphics presentation on SR time dilation

Doppler Mass Shifting (DMS)

Paul Umbanhowar's Home Page - Oscillons

Light Bullet Home Page - Solitons

The Cyclotron Pages

Home page of Dr. Michio Kaku, author of the book Hyperspace

Hyperspace structures

Thomas Bancoff's home page (checkout his projects)

The Other 40 Dimensions

Imaginary Time

Visual Model of Magnetic Vortex in Superconductor

Another Visual Model of Magnetic Vortex in Superconductor

Visual Model of Multiple Vortices In Superconductor Flux Lattice

Flux Lattice in type II Superconductor

More Flux Lattice

Superconductors and Gravity Shielding

Magnetic Vortex Field Generator, Antigravity?

Ron's home page