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The Barker Solar Harness - 09/19/97

Alex Peterson, who just turned 63 on Friday, September 19th (wish him happy birthday next time you talk to him) called and we discussed the current free energy scene.

To the best of our knowledge, the status quo is maintained, no working device has been successfully demonstrated and replicated by independents though the field is replete with claims and rehashed ideas.

Alex mentioned an inventor named Owen P. Barker, who secured patent number 5,009,243 in 1991 for a 'Solar Harness'.

The device was based on solar cells placed in a chamber filled with CO2 gas. Magnets were placed near the solar cells to align the current flow in a specific direction.

The claim is that such a unit when exposed to direct sunlight, would produce up to 50 amperes at the combined voltage of the solar cells.

When xenon gas was used instead of CO2, the amperage could go as high as 70 amps.

Somehow the magnetic field is supposed to enhance the generated current.

J.W. McGinnis of the International Tesla Society in Colorado Springs had mentioned a fellow who had a sealed tube that used solar cells and magnets to produce power.

The inventor was to demonstrate it at a Tesla Symposium but the tube was broken in flight. I never heard anything else about it.

Alex says the Tesla Society has this inventor, Barker, on a videotape demonstrating the device and explaining how it worked.

We will be looking for more information on this claim and the patent which Alex says does NOT make these high current claims. If you have information on this subject, we would appreciate you sharing it via email , URL link or snailmail.

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