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Radiant Energy - Experiments & Theory

The work of Thomas Moray

Author unknown

       Compiled in Los Angeles, California, January, 1939, from Moray notes
       and printed booklets  written  by  Dr. Moray from 1913 to 1926.  See
       "Beyond the Light  Rays"  (MORAY1.ASC   on   KeelyNet)   and   other
       publications.  This account may lack continuity.

       This account will endeavor to give a brief explanation  of the Moray
       Radiant Energy device  whereby  it  is  possible to utilize the vast
       source of energy of the universe WITHOUT  a  prime mover through the
       splitting of the atom by the action of the universe  and not by man-
       made splitting of the atom.

       The Moray device  IS  NOT  PERPETUAL  MOTION, but it utilizes energy
       that ALREADY EXISTS and which it TRANSFORMS  into  USEFUL FORMS.  An
       electrical generator is  in  the  true  sense  of  the  word  NOT  a
       generator, as it CREATES NOTHING.

       Electricity is NOT MADE by the generator, it is MERELY PUMPED.  From
       that standpoint, an  electric  generator  might be referred to as an
       ELECTRIC PUMP and  the  Moray  Radiant   Energy   as   a  HIGH-SPEED

       On page seventeen of the "Nature of the World and Man"  (compiled by
       the technical staff,  Chicago  Institute  of Technology), we find it
       states that our planet is receiving ENERGY FROM THE SUN CONTINUOUSLY
       at the rate of 160,000 horsepower per inhabitant of the Earth at the
       present time.

       The following is taken from "Experiments  with Alternate Currents of
       High Potential and  High  Frequency," by Nikola Tesla,  page  fifty-
       eight, written in 1904:

          "Ere many  generations pass our machinery will be DRIVEN BY POWER
           obtainable AT ANY POINT IN THE  UNIVERSE - Is this energy Static
           or Kinetic?

           If Static, our hopes are in vain; if Kinetic, and  THIS  WE KNOW
           IT IS  FOR  CERTAIN, then it is a mere question of time when men
           will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheel work
           of Nature."

       The Aurora Borealis is considered to be very definitely an
       electrical phenomenon produced  by  the  passage of electric charges
       through the rarefied gases of the  higher atmosphere.  (natural neon

       The conversion of  matter  TO  energy  in  the  stars  is  now  very
       generally accepted as  demonstrated,  and reasoning from what occurs
       in radioactive disintegration,   during   which   energy  waves  are
       radiated, we may conclude that energy waves of VERY  HIGH  FREQUENCY
       are sent out from the stars, one of which is our sun.

       As in the reception of radio waves, so in this case a circuit can be
       constructed and tuned as to RESPOND to the particular wave frequency
       "oscillations" which it is desired to intercept.

       Dr.  Moray uses a "valve" (the Moray Valve) to PREVENT RETURN OF THE

       Experiments have been made at different  places many miles away from
       all power lines, one experiment being given at a point  more than 50
       miles from all  power  lines,  and  26  miles  from  even a farmer's
       telephone.  The places for these  experiments  were  selected by the
       members of the parties making the test and not by the  inventor, and
       the places were  NOT pre-arranged but selected by them AS THEY DROVE
       ALONG in their own car, not the car  of  the inventor, looking for a
       place to make the test.

       The device on  an  endurance test was operated under  standard  R.R.
       seals to a  total  of  157 hours and 55 minutes, when the seals were
       broken and the device put under severe  strain  and  tests  made for
       about an hour longer and then shut off.

       Close examination of  the device disclosed that all  parts  were  in
       perfect shape and  could  have  been  run  indefinitely.  During the
       entire test the lights burned evenly and brightly without flickering
       and there was no change in the brilliancy from day to day.

       The quantity of  current  passing   through  the  secondary  of  the
       transformer is sufficient to burn up wire of that size  if  ordinary
       current were used,  yet  there is NO heating of the transformer even
       though there is no circulation of  air  through it to cool it, as it
       is completely enclosed.   All  parts of the machine  run  ABSOLUTELY
       COOL, regardless of  the length of time operated.  (due to extremely
       high frequencies used)

       It makes no  difference whether  one  fifty-watt  lamp  is  used  or
       whether fifty or  more  of  them are connected to the  machine,  the

       There is not a sound from the machine when in operation, there being

       In 1931 an  experimental demonstration was made in the presence of a
       nationally known physicist,  a professor  in  one  of  the  greatest
       universities of the  country, at which time he noted  and  mentioned
       the following:

          "That when  the  oscillators  are  connected  to the circuit, the
           condensors fill SLOWLY, and the LONGER THE CURRENT IS APPLIED TO
           CHARGE THEM,  the  GREATER  the  charge  they  take, up to their
           maximum for the applied voltage,  much as in filling a bucket by
           pouring the  water  into  it,  instead  of  taking   the  charge
           practically instantaneously,  as  is  ordinarily  the  case with

          "That the lights ON ONE SPOT are  much  HOTTER  than  is ever the
           case with  any  current  used at the present time,  due  to  the
           incandescence of  the  gas  in the globes under the influence of
           the very high frequency that  the  rest  of  the  globe remained

          "That the  size of wire in the transformer COULD  NOT  CARRY  THE
           AMPERAGE PASSING  THROUGH  IT  without  burning  up, IF ORDINARY
           CURRENT WERE USED, yet the wires  remained  absolutely  COOL  no
           matter how long the machine operated.

          "The above points show that there is developed something which is
           entirely out of the ordinary, and cannot be accounted for on the
           basis of  induction from existing power lines  or  current  from

       In later experiments  tests  were made successfully while the device
       was set up in A MOVING AUTOMOBILE.

       Beginning in 1925  many  men  of  science  have  come  from  foreign
       countries and from the East and West and have witnessed experimental
       demonstrations and not one of them has been able to  find  any fault
       with what they  have  seen  or heard.  Names of these men of science
       will be furnished upon request.

       These men have had the device opened  for  their inspection and have
       pronounced the experiments wonderful, :

             1)  that the current is HIGH FREQUENCY,
             2)  the color of the light different,
             3)  that the device carries many times as much current without
                 even getting  slightly  warm  than  any  other  electrical
                 device of  like  construction  known to man today could do
                 without bursting into flames.

       That the tubes used are far more  powerful  than  anything  known to
       science today.  The   drawings,  circuits  and  theory   have   been
       pronounced by leading    men    of    science   as   scientifically,
       electrically, mechanically sound and correct.

       It is generally accepted now by  science,  and  Dr.  Moray's  device
       TACHYON2 on KeelyNet)

       This energy, or  as  Dr. Moray explained  -  these  oscillations  of
       Energy, are picked  up  by  the device through the  oscillators,  or
       neutron bombardment.

       As stated, these surgings or oscillations of Energy coming and going
       as the waves  of  the sea; are picked up by the Moray Device because
       the Moray Device  is  TUNED  TO  OSCILLATE   IN   HARMONY  WITH  THE
       OSCILLATIONS OF THE UNIVERSE.  Every oscillation, whether large or
       small, is completed during the same interval of time.

       The beat note  of time, the heart beats of life, the oscillations of
       the Universe all prove the same great  fact  - that oscillations are
       all governed by the same cycle of time, completed  during  the  same
       interval of time, and as I stated before, these waves of energy have
       a REGULAR BEAT  NOTE  of  time, coming and going as the waves of the
       sea, but in a VERY DEFINITE MATHEMATICAL  ORDER  OF  TIME, coming to
       the earth FROM EVERY DIRECTION with a regular BEAT  NOTE  that might
       be referred to as the Father of Time, the Sire of Gravitation.

             (Note that  Keely  said  that  Gravity  is  Time, if one could
                  control gravity, one could also CONTROL TIME.)

       This energy has a DEFINITE ELASTIC  RIGIDITY  and  DENSITY, which is
       subject to displacement and strains.

         (Recall Keely's etheric vapor with various densities  based on the
       order of vibration which was applied to disrupt water.  Lower levels
          such as  molecular  yielded  a taffy like substance, while higher
         levels such as atomic yielded a  vapor or a gas and in its highest
          form, an electrical type current transmissible through a wire.)

       When the strain  is  removed,  this medium will spring  to  its  old
       position AND BEYOND, surging back and forth as the waves of the sea,
       and will continue  to  oscillate until the original pressure is used

       If the internal  impedance  is   too   great,   there   will  be  no
       oscillations, but it will merely slide back in a  dead  beat  to its
       unrestrained state.

       Cutting down the  RESISTANCE  TO  THE  MINIMUM  and  by  SYNCHRONOUS
       ACTIONS of the device WITH the actions  of  the  Universe,  RECOVERY
       WILL BE QUICKER  and  quicker until inertia will assert  itself  and
       lengthen out the  time  of  final  recovery  by  carrying the RECOIL
       BEYOND THE NATURAL OSCILLATION and thus prolonging the vibrations by

       When the recovery is distinctly oscillatory  AND  HARMONICS  SET IN,
       the oscillations will GO ON FOREVER because they  are  in  tune with
       the oscillations of the Universe.

       As I said,  these electric oscillations ARE NOT SIMPLE OSCILLATIONS,
       but surgings with a DEFINITE BEAT  NOTE  of  the evolution of matter
       and the evolution of energy.

       It is not claimed that all of Dr. Moray's theories  are  proven, but
       it is claimed  that  the  device works.  The results are certain and
       that in the  absence of better explanation  as  given  in  the  1931
       edition of "Beyond  the Light Rays," Dr. Moray's explanation  is  as
       good as any.

       In explaining this theory in 1929 to a well-known and noted American
       Scientist, he remarked,  "You  go  in your theory BACK of the Law of

       We may readily take it for granted  that  a  perpetual  light,  like
       perpetual motion, is an impossibility.  I say that because I do not
       believe in perpetual  light or motion, which, in a sense, is one and
       the same thing as getting something for nothing.

       In this day and age it is not well  to  say  anything is impossible,
       but getting something  for  nothing  goes  beyond my  conception  of

       What I have done in Radiant Energy has been and is perhaps righfully
       called "radical."  Nevertheless,  of the great number of learned men
       who have seen  and  heard of my work,  not  one  has  been  able  to
       disprove my claims, theories or discoveries.

       Among those in  question  have  been some of America's  foremost  in
       Science, although they have spent from many hours to many days on my
       theory and claims  and  test  demonstrations.   Hence  this  further
       explanation of the Moray theory, on  which  Moray has spent his time
       from boyhood.

       The facts and  theories herein contained are not contrary  to  ideas
       that science HAS  NOW  ACCEPTED (1945).  They are, however, original
       with me in application and when I  first  publicly  advanced them in
       1925 they were  "killed" as it were by those who heard  them  before
       they got very far.  Be that as it may, I have taken "Radiant Energy"
       and found a means of using it.

       Heat, light, etc.  are  not  things in themselves, but sensations or
       effects PRODUCED BY this "Radiant  Energy" DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY IN

       Electricity is vibrations or radiation.  Where ether  (or  if you do
       not like that  name,  call  it  what  you will) is QUIESCENT, WE SEE
       NOTHING.  Light CAUSES vibrations  of  this  "ETHER" and it is these
       vibrations which cause our eyes to detect.

       All substances are really COMBINATIONS OF ONE PRIMORDIAL  SUBSTANCE,
       i.e. ELECTRICITY, or,  in  other  words, electricity is SPECIFICALLY

       (Interesting that Keely said that light in space and from the sun is
       impossible to see.  It is only manifested  through  percussion  with
       the atmosphere of  the  planet.  We have heard that  a  film  camera
       outside a spaceship CANNOT TAKE A VISIBLE PHOTO.)

       Electrons in motion  go  to  constitute  an electric current.  Ether
       waves IN MOTION go to constitute an electric current.

       What electricity is  to matter,  so  is  electric  force  to  common
       mechanical force, and  electrical  inertia  to common  inertia.   By
       inertia, I mean   the  ratio  of  force  to  acceleration.   Perhaps
       electric inertia might be defined  as  the  ratio of electric motive
       force to the acceleration of electric displacement.

       Below will be found some excerpts from some Scientific books.

         "Astronomy" by Robert H. Baker, Ph.D. Professor of Astronomy
                     University of Illinois, page 303:

             "Another problem relates to the apparent lavish expenditure of
              this radiation.  Of all the energy that pours forth from the
              sun, less  than one part in 200 million is intercepted by the
              planets and their satellites.

              The remainder spreads through  interstellar space with little
              chance, so  far  was  we can know, of being  recovered.   The
              suggestion that  the  sun  shines  only  in  the direction of
              material that can intercept it makes an appeal from the point
              of view  of  economy,  bt appears  to  have  little  else  to
              recommend it.  It would seem that nature is  squandering  its
              resources of  energy  so  prodigally  that  it  must  end  in
              bankruptcy; but we doubtless  have  at  present  an IMPERFECT

         "Foundations of  the Universe" by M. Luckiesh, D.Sc.  Director  of
                    Lighting Research Laboratory, General Electric Company,
                    printed in 1925, page V:

             "In the  far-off  stellar crucibles we see the same laws being
              obeyed as in our laboratories.   As  we  trace  down  to  the
              almost infinitesimal  constituents  of  the extremely  minute
              atom we  find that apparently IT DOES NOT EXIST AT ALL as the
              realistic matter which we have SUPPOSED IT TO BE.

              There at its very foundation  it seems to consist of electric
              charges which  probably  SIMULATE  THE  MOTION  OF  CELESTIAL
              BODIES.  It  is  becoming  more  and  more  certain  that the
              apparent complexity  of   nature   is  due  to  our  lack  of
              knowledge.  As  the picture unfolds it promises  a  MARVELOUS

         "Foundations of the Universe", pages 41-43:

             "The great  success  of  the  atomistic  principles  as  it is
              involved in the kinetic  theory  of  matter  is  one  of  the
              wonders of the scientific age.  It is to be  expected that it
              has found   other   applications   equally   fascinating  and
              promising.  It is now being  pressed further into the service
              of explaining the structure of matter.....

             "When Maxwell (1873) propounded the electromagnetic  theory of
              light (radiation),  his  achievement  was epochal.  The exact
              manner in which the radiant  energy  traversed  space was not
              known, and the exact epochal event was the founding by Planck
              (1900) of the quantum theory.

             "Here we  have the atomistic principle applied  to  energy  of
              instead of  being confined to the material of the universe as
              it had been.  In other words,  in  the quantum theory we have
              the atomistic idea applied to physical processes.

             "We now  have  the  atom  of  matter, the atom  (electron)  of
              electricity, and  the  atom (quantum) of action (a product of
              energy and time).  Planck assumed  the  emission of radiation
              (from the   sun,   a   lamp   filament,   etc..)   TO   OCCUR

             "He conceived  elements of energy of EQUAL MAGNITUDE analogous
              to the equality of electrons,  or  atoms  of a given element.
              Radiation or radiant energy is emitted at various wavelengths
              or frequencies  WHICH  MUST  BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT in laws of

             "Now the  physicist  uses   quanta  as  commonly  as  he  does
              electrons and  atoms  and  molecules.  Bodies  are  built  of
              molecules, the molecules of atoms, and the atoms of electrons
              (and protons).   Here  we see the atomistic principle applied
              to "material" (matter) and then to electricity (What shall we
              call it?).

             "Finally, a physical process  -  the  radiation emitted by the
              electrons - is divided into quanta.  With  such  pictures  of
              the universe  being  constructed we may cease to be surprised
              at anything, but our interest and admiration will grow.  Will
              we ever get to the FINAL FOUNDATION?"

             "One of the most marvelous  relationships  that  has ever been
              revealed in  the entire science of physics  is  that  between
              light and  electricity.   Knowing  what  we do at the present
              time in regard to the structure  of  atoms, this relationship
              is not quite so surprising.  However, considering  the  total
              absence of  knowledge,  a  half  century ago (???? depends on
              where you look), pertaining  to the existence of electrons in
              atoms of  matter,  the  sudden  revelation  that  light  (and
              radiation in  general)  was  an electrical phenomena was very
              startling and revolutionary.

             "Even today these persons who  are unfamiliar with fundamental
              physics find  it difficult to believe that  energy  traveling
              from yonder  star  to  the eyes IS ELECTROMAGNETIC IN NATURE.
              But that it is so has been amply proved.

             "The atom in those distant  stellar  crucibles  having  moving
              electrons which are emitting electromagnetic  waves  OF  MANY
              WAVELENGTHS or  frequencies.   Here  on  Earth  we  have many
              'receiving stations' which  are  TUNED  TO  CERTAIN RANGES OF

         "Radiant Energy" by Edgar Lucien Larkin, Director Lowe Observatory
                    Echo Mountain, California, printed in 1903, page 17:

             "Radiant here means PROCEEDING FROM A CENTER IN STRAIGHT LINES
              IN EVERY  DIRECTION.   Energy  is  internal   and   inherent.
              Professor Barker, "Physics," page 4, says:

             "'Energy is  defined  as  a  condition  of matter in virtue of
               which any definite portion  may  effect changes in any other
               definite portion.'

             "This was written in 1892, and discoveries since  confirm  it.
              Energy then,  is a state of matter, or, rather, the result of
              a particular state of condition  in  which matter may be when
              any observed PHASE OF ENERGY APPEARS."

       Vangard notes...

           We feel  you  should be aware that the Moray device  would  ONLY
           POWER RESISTIVE DEVICES.  Inductive devices such as motors or
           coils of  wire  would cause the device to shut down.  We suspect
           that coils create some form of impedance which alters the tuning
           of the device.

           An excellent book is out covering  much  of  Moray's work, it is
           called "The Sea of Energy in which the Earth Floats"  and is put
           out by the COSRAY FOUNDATION based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

           Our feeling  of  the  Moray  device  is that it was tuned to the
           neutron release which occurs at all times from all masses.

           Based on the teachings of Keely  and Russell and others, we find
           that everything is in one of three possible states.   Push, pull
           or balance between the two.

           Neutron absorption  takes place when matter is "manifesting" and
           neutron release occurs when matter  is  "decaying".   The  third
           state is   that  of  a  balance  between  the  accumulating   or
           dispersing energies and is very temporary in nature.

           Moray used  radioactive  elements  in the antenna of his device.
           This appears to have allowed him  to use the radioactive element
           as a  "drain"  for  resonance with other masses  in  process  of
           transmutation through  radioactive  decay,  in other words, damn
           near everything.  (refer PHILAD1  &  7THPSI & NEUTRAL1 & VANERGY
           on KeelyNet)

           Our understanding  of  the  principles  of resonance  show  that
           energy and mass can be transmitted by tuning to the desired mass
           and creating  a  "sink  or  drain"  of  lesser  potential.   The
           magnitude of  the  drain will  determine  the  rapidity  of  the

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