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George Merkl's Syntrophic Transducer

by Warren York and George Merkl

          (This file contains references to figures and diagrams 
          which it has not been possible to reproduce in a text file.)
          Quoting from George Merkl's privately published book "Inner Space":

          "The photon  is  not  a  constant but is energy based on DECAYING
           spinning wave resonance.  Now  when  an  energy  exchange  takes
           place between  two  electrons (or particles), the  electron  may
           move with a velocity.

           When the particle has absorbed or attained enough energy, it may
           get rid  of  that  energy  by emitting it in a full or partially
           MUTILATED wave form.

           But a second particle or electron  may REABSORB THE SAME ENERGY,
           whereas BOTH will SPIN and RECOIL IN OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS.

           The direction will be determined by the recoiling  photons.  The
           photon transfer will be responsible for the force set up between
           the pair  of electrons.  The photon is energy in wave form which
           acts as a force field.

           This moving wave form can convert  to current as the force field
           is being produced when the photon RECOILS WHILE IT IS SPINNING.

           This force is related to the inverse square law for the force of
           attraction and  repulsion  between  two  interacting   particles
           through energy exchange."

                                * * * * * * * * * *

           George Mirkl has many  patents  in several fields, with the
           majority on new chemical processes.

       introduction by Warren York
       This is a  touchy  area  and  one  that  should  be  approached with
       caution. George who does not like  to  be  called DR. has broken the
       code of life itself. Unlike Dr. Frankstine, George  has  achieved it
       in an acceptable  way.  I  can not go into great detail at this time
       for the work must be checked and double checked to make sure what we
       are observing is indeed taking place.

       We are in  the process of recording  the  documentation  for  future
       release. We have  reached the point that the test  must  be  brought
       under control instead  of  uncontrolled  as lack of proper equipment
       and lab conditions are forcing  us  to  try  and  narrow  down  very
       exciting data that is slipping through our fingers at the moment.

       If anybody out  there  can  locate such needed equipment  or  proper
       funding to run a full blown research lab and facility please contact
       me at the   address  below.  We  are  putting  on  video  tape  what
       uncontrolled data we have learned  but even that is hampered by lack
       of proper equipment.

       We will make due until better is available and I  am  sure  when you
       see the video  docs  you  will find it hard to believe. Dr. Henry C.
       Monteith who is also a part of our research group had been down here
       last weekend to  see  what  we  have  and was very impressed on what
       George had discovered.

       George's discovery alone can turn the world conditions around and we
       can once again have a clean and healthy  planet to live on and offer
       our future generations. This new learned info can also  help  man as
       he ventures out into space to set up new homes and work places.

       This research lab  I  am  trying  very  hard  to make a reality will
       benefit all mankind. A think tank  for  mankind [ not just a corp. ]
       which will generate  new  fields  and jobs. Solve problems  not  yet
       thought of and  bring  together some of the best free thinking minds
       in the world to do something about tomorrow today.

       Dr. Monteith alone wished to develop  a  new concept in microscopes.
       His project is known as the Litraonics Microscope and  can  show the
       structure of an actual atom unlike any resolution done by MIT or IBM
       to date. I will have photos taken of an atom with this equipment and
       more information on his progress about the device in future issues.

       Also Mike Windell who is a part of our group has developed our first
       prototype of scalar communications. It is known as an advanced tele-
       communication project. The prototype is being developed as a demo to
       be presented to METS out of Florida for possible future funding for
       future development.

       The unit will  transmit  a  signal through any kind of shielding. We
       are working with ranges up to one  mile  so far without any problems
       that so ever. The units are portable and mobile. Mike has discovered
       a very important element in any scalar field generation. In order to
       have true scalar generation one must generate a " Shear Effect ".

       I have not gone into this in any of my past articles for this is new
       info. Also the  design  of  the scalar coil has changed  drastically
       since the original release here.

       As I said  all data is being put on video and sure there will always
       be people who say we faked it but  we  have  witness  to  backup the

       I'll let George  tell  you  in his own words now about  the  Genesis
       Factor or what life actually is itself and how it is generated.

       Keep in mind  George is a nuclear physicist with over 400 patents to
       his name. George will talk about scroll  waves.  Scalar is a process
       where scroll waves is the actual Aether in motion.  This  motion  is
       known as free  energy  or  life  energy itself. It is all related to
       what we have talked about in the pasted articles.

       I wish to remind anybody who needs  to  contact  any  person  in our
       active group please  contact  me  through  our  New mailing  address
       listed below. At this point we are in need of the use of an electron
       microscope to gain  needed data on a new life form we can't match up
       to any known so far. They are still  in  the  embryo  stage  at  the
       printing of this paper.

       On a microscopic scale they have ribb cages, internal  organs, eyes,
       mouth, digestive track and what looks like a hand.

       We also have  on  video  tape crystal clones [ that growing crystals
       but not alive ] on a micro scale of  what looks like a complete pine
       tree branch or fern, insect wings and other fantastic events.

       Please direct your mail to:

                                   7101 N. Mesa
                                     Suite 133
                               El Paso, Texas 79912

      by George Merkl

       Discovery of the atomic wrench by myself, George Merkl, underlines
       my earlier work of transducing scroll waves (free energy braiding
       into photons) to a higher energy level to control chemical bonding.

       Scroll resonant energy leaves its signature on everything throughout
       the whole universe including all forms of life.


       According to the law of quantum mechanics the electron between two
       carbon fluctuates between positive and negative carbon. To assure
       the stability between two carbons in the diamond lattice, I proved
       that the carbon  in  the  diamond  is  indeed  in the  positive  and
       negative ionic state, and is also responsible for the hardness.

       Since polarity is resonating back and forth, it seems non-polar.

       The fact that  I  was able to make diamonds of both type one and two
       at atmospheric pressure by pairing homopolar carbon ions also proves
       that diamond is homopolar!

       My real interest was to introduce  single  ionic  nitrogen  to  form
       carbon bonds by  an  exchange  reaction in the lattice  substituting
       carbon isomorphously.

       These carbon nitrogen  bonds  form paramagnetic centers, and convert
       ortho hydrogen to parahydrogen with  paramagnetic  properties simply
       by transducing an energy level via resonance from scrolls to reverse
       the spin of the proton!

       I used the following reaction for this purpose:

                   3 CH4 > C4+ +12H-
                   12 Li +3C4+ >3C4- +12Li+       NH3 > N3- + 3H+

       The above CN bond spacing was 10% over carbon to carbon bond.

       According to quantum   mechanics   the   probability   of   nitrogen
       oscillation frequency in  the  molecule  will be the function of the
       superimposed frequency which is generated  by the oscillator crystal
       excited by the scrolls.

       The nitrogen is  stationary  and  once  excited  by  its  transition
       frequency in a giant molecule of carbon, the energy is transferred
       and the carbon bonds have to move or oscillate.

       Therefore, the oscillation of the  crystal transplants its energy to
       form chemical bonds, or transduces energy from scrolls sufficient to
       reverse the spin of a proton to form para proton.  That shall be the
       base of a clean industrial revolution paving the  way  to  save this

                                     FIG 1

       Let's make a  detour  from  this  major  technological breakthrough!
       Recently I discovered that the powerhouse I developed to transduce
       energy naturally had it all along.

       Such a photo  transducer  power   house  is  common  to  all  living
       organisms including plants,  microbes,  and  human cells  (including
       brain cells).

       As we know  it  as  the  chlorophyll  family--all are dependent upon
       scrolls, absorbing it from our atmosphere  and  utilizing  it  as we
       know is done in photosythesis.

                                      FIG 2

       After thirty years of fruitful research, and research of plant life
       in the last  five  years,  I  do have ample proof that  scrolls  are
       responsible for the basic functions of life.

       If we drastically  change  our  atmospheric  condition  by  changing
       conductivity, plants will be deprived of energy and will die!

       Scrolls are responsible for pumping  the fluid into the capillaries.
       This is directly  related  to moisture content, static  charge,  and
       conductivity of the atmosphere.

       Life first evolved  from  the  sea  because the depths are a soup of
       scrolls where water is saturated under pressure.

       This is the reason for the spiral  or vortex fingerprint on sealife,
       "The very form of the free energy" scrolls.  In search  for  a  more
       nature-made phototransducer, I   found   many   links   to  nature's
       chemistry by prediction.

       For example, in a heteroautotrophic  system,  sugar  was  reduced to
       alcohol, and CO2  + H20 were synthesized to sugar,  thus  completing
       the cycle.

       In addition to  chlorophyll the first two photo transducers I tested
       were coffee and theobroma oil.  I  chose  to  study  the latter over
       cocaine because I used them in phototransducing in  the fermentation
       process.  I did not want contamination by the nature of cocaine.

       I found that  both products are capable of phototransducing energy--
       the maximum results having been achieved between twelve AM and three

       It was not hard to determine how drugs speed up biological processes
       and burn out  the cells including that of the brain! The energy they
       transduce not only depletes the scrolls  from  the  blood stream but
       overloads the cell circuits.

       A chlorophyll pair absorbs the photon quantum at 670  nm.  My atomic
       wrench output is  at  a shorter wavelength and a higher frequency of

       The following are some of the nature-made energy transducers:


       They all carry the carbon nitrogen fingerprint!

       Utilizing the phototransducers,  I  was  able to raise  the  alcohol
       level of wine  produced by solar fermentation to 80 proof containing
       only natural pure solar distilled grapejuice.

       I would like to add here that during  the drought in June 1990 in El
       Paso, Texas, the  humidity  level  dropped  to 6% which  drastically
       reduced the conductivity  of the air as well as the static charge of
       the air!

       As a result most plants went into  dormancy; the phototransducers in
       the chlorophyll stalled due to the lack of conductivity;  all fruits
       stopped growing in spite of extensive irrigation.

       Except on plants  whose  surroundings  were altered by raising local
       conductivity artificially, I also  found out that the capillaries of
       the Persian Lilac  grown,  were  fewer  but  many  times  larger  in
       diameter, due to lower flux density produced by the weak fields.

       This phenomenon is  directly  related to the conductivity and static
       charge. These comparisons clearly  showed the opposite effect on the
       same root section  during  the  wet  season  here   in   1989   when
       conductivity and static charge was above average.

                           THE POWERHOUSE TRANSDUCER IN THE
              FIG 3        CYTOCHROME [ evolution of life ].
                           WITHOUT THIS ENGINE, LIFE COULD NOT
                           SURVIVE. IT'S FUEL IS THE SCROLL.

       Now we have  seen  the  syntrophic  phototransducer  are  similar to
       autotrophic and heterotrophic transducers which nature built within
       the living organism,   these   are    of    course,   unquestionably
       prerequisites to life formation and existance.

       The leaders of  the  world with total ignorance, miscalculating  the
       catastrophic consequences while tampering with our atmosphere, which
       their advisors know nothing about.

       This planet could re-cycle too soon if the world continues to ignore
       the facts!

       We have seen how the C-N-Bond, semi-absorbed, promotes paramagnetic
       sights where ortho to para conversion takes place.  By upsetting the
       ortho para ratio the hydrogen will lift ortho delta positive link
       to the delta positive atoms such as halo delta positive, CH delta
       positive, HWC delta positive, and so on.

       This opens the way to "Transport Reactions", a new branch of science
       even the greatest person could never dream of. (MAJIC) (Transporting
       suboxides coupled to para hydrogen, vapor phase at low temp).

       I utilized this  new technology to build alternate rows of nitrogen-
       doped carbon atoms where the layers  of 111 oriented surfaces formed
       a superlattice. (All 111-100 and 110 faces were constructed from the
       bent carbon rings of graphite).

       By using the paraproton transport reaction technology, I pioneered
       new forms of metallic carbons, diamonds etc., with different D
       spacings, but I synthesized hundreds of exotic new materials which
       are perhaps a hundred years ahead of time.

       The important facts  are  that some of these materials  could  solve
       many of the  worlds  problems  today, for instance, a pollution-free
       world; or harnessing of the sun's  clean  energy,  by  capturing the
       free energy (Scrolls).

       My syntrophic transducer  is  not  only  able  to  stimulate   solar
       fermentation, but could also produce electric current and free
       hydrogen through transducing the lower level energy.

       Chlorophylls have different  geometries  of  antenna.  This produces
       different patterns of iosbars, as  the  resonant molecule absorbs or
       emits it's transduced photon energy.

       The three dimensional field so produced follows the  scroll  pattern
       sideways, which is similar to my three dimensional field produced in
       my first cold fusion process in the sixties.

       Electrons excited by the scrolls are different from electrons in the
       normal state as verified by their fingerprints on the EPR. spectrum.
       Through this, energy  couples  with  the  nuclei  orientation of the
       nuclei differ with respect to an external field.

       The larger the  number  of excited  electrons,  and  their  spectrum
       proportional to their  number,  "The higher, the narrower  the  band
       will be".

       Scrolls determine the size of the photon, that is absorbed by the
       spin-aligned electron or proton, this alters their position

       Thus, their energy  level is trans-duced to the absorption frequency
       to match the absorption frequency of the host electron or proton.

       Changing the direction of spin on a proton depends on the strength
       of the external field, and can also change the absorption spectrum
       due to spin polarization.

       "A strong North pole of the proton (Blackhole) can suck in countless
       scrolls by their South poles and reverse the spin. By forcing the
       position of the proton to the opposite attracting position via
       scrolls and by reversing the orientation of the proton, ortho proton
       can be converted to para proton.

       In the atomic wrench, the nitrogen and electrons result in hyperfine
       interaction.  The hyper-excited  carbon nitrogen transducer can lase
       immense photon flux and subsequently transduce enough upshift of the
       frequency to reverse the proton spin.


       "A three dimensional vortex, performing three dimensional motion,
       inverting thru it's  poles  back   and   forth  and  changing  signs

       The scrolls form strands with matching frequency of oscillation and
       equal wavelength.  These strands of scrolls braid into photon
       vortexes. 918 pairs of photons (Magic number) feed the vortex of
       an electron.

       Again a 917  pair (5 pairs off) electron vortex copies  the  genetic
       trait to form  the proton, and 918 electrons form the neutron.  (See
       Inner Space 1968, balanced).

       Every time an atomic vortex inverts through a blackhole the scrolls
       form a coherent field followed by pole splitting which then reverts
       through a white hole followed by an incoherent field.

       Each absorbed scroll adds up to increase the mass of the host.

       However due to the increased mass, the spin will change on the host,
       followed by a change in wavelength and frequency of oscillation.

                                    FIG 4


       The plasma membrane of the living cell is permeable to ions that
       are driven by the self-induced field generated by free (scroll)

       The net result is an electrical potential  between the inside of the
       cell (-) and the outside of the cell (+).  Sodium and chlorine
       ions are responsible for the conductivity in the plasma medium.
       (Reference material concerning physics. See Patent:  US 3993595).

       The cell membrane along with its plasma, acts like a condenser,
       and is negatively-charged inside with respect to the outside which
       is positive.

       The condenser membrane is charged by the scrolls (static  charge  of
       the air).  The  potential  difference  varies  between  40  to 80 mv
       depending on the scroll energy density.

       Such free energy density will vary  with  the  incoming cosmic rays,
       and also with  atmospheric  conditions  such  as pressure,  moisture
       content, static charge, etc.


       In the case  of  G.T.P.  the  Guanosine is the energy transducer and
       emitter while the Triphosphate is  the  storage  battery.  The  free
       energy charging the cell membrane (from static charge like a
       condenser) on discharge self-induces it's field to which the ions
       are attached and flow.

       When the cyclic  ring  enzymatically  cleaves  onto  the G.T.P., the
       battery releases energy and generates  a reverse field.  This action
       counters the self-induced  field on the cell membrane,  and  becomes
       the driving force of the ion flow across the cell membrane.

       This mechanism controls the ionic flow by switching it on and off.

       On each cycle  the  electrical  properties  of  the  membrane change
       (depending on the nature of the  signal)  and  give  rise  to  nerve

       The increase or decrease of the cell permeability comparable  to the
       variation of domain  cross-section  in  the  above  given  reference
       patent and is of course directly proportional to the free energy and

       "In general, all biological activity  strictly  follows  the weather
       pattern", and it's  being  dependent  on the unmolested  atmospheric

       I hope you  all  realize  the  scope of this discovery, underscoring
       your general feeling or existence  which  is of course influenced by
       tampering with your environment.

       As the cyclic  G.M.P.  opens  during  hydrolysis  a  water  molecule
       inserts into the ring, being triggered by a light beam from below my

       Reacting yeast and plant cells in separate experiments (My solgraft
       process) in a G.M.P. and A.T.P. soup, the experiment turned out as
       predicted.--The G.M.P. depolarized the cell membranes by field.

       The self-induced field  on the cell membrane generated by the static
       charge of the air was cancelled by  the  G.M.P.s gravitational field
       induced by sunlight!

       The resulting decrease in ion flow across the cell membrane retarded
       the self-induced field  and the potential difference,  thus  opening
       the way to communicate in and out of the cell's genetic material!

       By (Solgraft) assembling,   disassembling,  grafting,  transplanting
       within or outside of the cell and  by  architecture  of  R.N.A.  and
       D.N.A..I began grafting G.M.P. and A.T.P. to proteins  which  led me
       to grafting alternate transducers to acceptor sights.

       When we are  talking  light-induced hyperpolarization we should also
       talk about spin control which is  controlled  by  the external field

       This in turn, controls the ion flow.  I extracted sub  units of RNA-
       G.M.P. (by isol process).

       After purification I hydrolyzed the crystals in distilled water, and
       I observed that  the  crystal  strongly attracted to the polyetheyne
       wall charged by static.

       The mono crystal disintegrated into countless macro crystals, always
       forming hollow spherulets in water!

       These spherulets possessed  strong  magnetic force!  In other words,
       crystals coupled like tiny magnets  to  form  what  one  might  call

       "I also observed and experienced levitation".  I placed a one inch
       diameter incubator with 1 ml genetic mix sitting on a glass plate
       and passed a beam light thru it from below.

       As I added the G.M.P., the incubator levitated a  few  mm  above the
       glass plate.  I  moved  the  incubator away, at least fifteen times,
       and it kept on moving back and lined up with the beam of light.

       By sliding the incubator it felt  like  moving  a repelling magnetic
       pole.  This gave   me   the   clue   that  there  are   anti-gravity
       interactions within the  living cell, a phenomenon I have known long
       since it has existed with plants.

       I placed my synthetic soup of RNA  AND  DNA  into  my  incubator,  I
       observed that within twenty-four hours it organized into it's normal
       hair-like structure.

       It appeared that  the  sub-units of the RNA and DNA  had  their  own
       field and assembled accordingly.

       I called my first synplant cofina because I derived its genetic part
       from coffee.

       Cofina consists of  a  single  capillary plant whereby the nutrients
       are delivered to the top where the budding developed via.

       The size of the Mono capillary (length)  is  determined by the self-
       induced field generated by the free energy!

       Once the capillary  reached its height (the peak of  the  fluxlines)
       the genetic soup  oozed out, and all the G.M.P. moved to the surface
       forming a unisphere.

       (I observed the clear transparent sphere of genetic soup).  Within
       twelve hours the brown bundles branched out forming the flower that
       carried the genetic code for the next generation!

       I harvested the abundant crops and  germinated  them  in  water  and
       nutrients.  The thousands of macro seeds or clones  (Units) began to
       germinate, growing first their roots.

       Within thirty-two hours they were grown to the mirror image of their
       parent. The seeds  are  in  the  sub-micron  range  and  carry their
       genetic code.  I want you to understand  that  this is not putting a
       patch on the double helix!


       I already engineered microbes and phototransducers that liberate
       hydrogen from water; however most importantly, I recently extracted
       genetic materials from pollen and I cured my hyper-allergy that
       tortured me for thirty years!

       With this solgraft  process  it  is  feasible to cross-graft genetic
       materials between microbes and plants,  replacing the transducers on
       the RNA or DNA with synthetic ones.

       It is perhaps  tempting  to  call  Cafina  and Tina  inorganic  life
       because it contains organic materials and so closely resembles grain
       and domain alignments.

       In conclusion genetic    materials    can    be   easily   produced,
       reconstructed, or transplanted and  grafted  at ease by the solgraft

                                   FIG 6

       [FIG 7]   LIGHTHOLES   gencrystals  form a hollow unisphere  due  to
                             their magnetic    properties.    The   surface
                             crystal layers  of the unispheres absorb light
                             and turn  black,  except at  their  poles,  as
                             light passing through them creates a vortex of

       The absorbed light  by  the  surface  crystals is then transduced to
       higher energy level.

       [FIG 8]
       Static field pumps the ion flow in  opposite  directions  across the
       cell membrane and produces a self-induced field.  This is comparable
       to the scroll fields of the roots of the plants, whereby driving the
       fluids into the capillaries is directly proportional  to  the static
       charge and the conductivity of the air.

       By realigning the  grain  of  an  ultra-pure  aluminum, the magnetic
       moments will couple,  forming  linear   domain   capillaries.    The
       aluminum will acquire magnetic properties.

       The free (static) energy will pump ions in the opposite direction by
       micro capillaries.  This self-induces a strong magnetic  field which
       is comparable to life process.

       [FIG 9]  (Contains genetic soup, held in spherical form via magnetic
                 fields generated by genetic sub-units)

       [FIG 10]

       [FIG 11] An inorganic product that grows like crops and resembles
                living plants.  Its growth rate is directly proportional to
                the free  energy  (Static  charge  of  the air), and to the
                conductivity of the air--the  exact  same criteria that are
                prerequisites for ALL FORMS OF LIFE!

       [FIG 12]

                                 [SHEET A]
                      SYNTHESIS OF LIFE  BY GEORGE MERKL

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