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Low Temperature Accelerator - 10/23/97

Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 18:07:31 +0100
From: Jorn Erik Ommang
Organization: Institute for Energy Technology Assessment (IETA)
Subject: "Overunity" & Greetings from Norway

First I would like to thank William J. Beaty as well as all contributors to Vortex-L for the list's active inspiration and support to us all working for a more efficient and cleaner energy future as well as nurturing the lifelong interest in Nature's "hidden" secrets.

There is no favorable wind for those who do not know where they are going. - Willem van Oranje

I am glad to inform Vortex-L readers that we have a new "overunity" device in Norway. I am working closely with the inventor and we can not, at this time, fully describe the invention due to the ongoing patent process.

We plan that the initial patent process (PCT for more than 80 countries) will be finalized bbefore March 1998.

The inventor terms the device "The Low Temperature Accelerator" and that the energy source is "gravitational fields".

He is a very skilled man in his field and has achieved exceptional results (between 130% and 200% efficiency drawing on ZPE).

He has not been aware of any other work in the "overunity" field until we started to work together. He has struggled for many years against the patent authorities as well as against physicists and the Norwegian Governments different research facilities.

This working device utilizes a technology I have not seen or heard of before. From the little I can say at this time is that the device uses electricity from the grid and produces more heat energy, taken out in the form of heated water flowing through the device, than the supplied electric energy.

This is not "cold fusion" or "low energy nuclear reactions", it is not "sonoluminescence" - it is directly related to the conversion of ZPE into heat. (a followup question asked if the device used hydrosonics and the author of the email replied NO, it does not)

The invention has been tested by one of Norway's Universities resulting in a statement that the device generated 130% more heat in kW out than electricity in kW in, during a set time period. The expert performing the measurement had no idea as to where the extra energy came from.

The inventor states that he has achieved more than 18 kW of heat out from 9.5 kW of electricity in during a test period.

The device has been longtime tested as a heating unit in relation to a fish farm, heating the water from 10.5 deg. C. to 15 deg. C. continuously with a stated efficiency of near 200%.

The inventor is now an old man and he has stated that he would like to see that I took over the further development of the device. There is also a financing company behind as well as the support from the inventors family.

I have been engaged by the Inventor, the financing company as well as by the patent office to assist in ensuring that the patenting process goes through and to form an explanation as to which energy source is providing the extra energy as well as how it works.

I have developed 2 reports for the patent office and for the PCT authorities in Munich as well as provided a number of comments to changes in the patent text - we are awaiting response from the PCT Office.

In addition to this invention I have, based on over 18 years of private R&D, developed a basic concept for the electronic detector part of an electronic ZPE converter.
Have a Good Day!!!!
Jorn Erik Ommang, Eng.
Energy Technology Specialist - IETA
(Member of IATAFI, IAEE & PACE)
Nordeidev. 39, N-5060 Søreidgrend (Bergen), Norway
Phone: +47 - 55 124718, Fax: +47 - 55 226662