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The Gravity Waves Research Project

Gravity's signal

The Signature of Gravity's Variations-Cycles within Cycles

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Welcome to the Gravity Waves Research Project Home Page. Here are described the results of ongoing research into the nature of gravity, as performed by a group of independent engineers, astrologers, and tinkerers. We have built on a mode of inquiry that in Western cultures began with the Greeks, and later continued through Newton, Faraday, Maxwell, and even Einstein at the end of his career, which presumes the existance of an Aether. Rather than being the chaotic flux envisioned by (some versions of) quantum theory, we feel that the Aether is very profoundly patterned. In fact, the difference between pattern and chaos seems to be losing its distinction at present. In this site, I am using the word 'gravity' to cover more ground than usual, but there is no better term at present. The Aether has many aspects and modes, and the waves we are measuring are related to gravity, but are not necessarily those which General Relativity researchers are studying. The author of these pages does not have a need to make use of the concepts of relativity, as alternative theories are able to provide much better results. See for example Dr. Aspden's fine work.

The Aether is none other than a conceptual container for the all characteristics of space which we measure and experience. The notion that the so called vacuum is in any sense energetically empty is untenable; rather, it is a plenum. It was Faraday, who said with great foresight, "Capacitance is to Gravity as Inductance is to Magnetism." This intuition lay dormant until given validity in the 1920's by T.T. Brown in his study of the Biefield-Brown effect. (More on this in the history section.)

More recently the work has been greatly expanded by the findings of Gregory Hodowanec, using simple but profoundly sensitive capacitive sensors. More refinements of his techniques were introduced by Bill Ramsay and Alastair Couper. Additional insights as to the astronomical relevance of our results has been provided by astrologer Nick Fiorenza. Over all, we have uncovered a large number of effects which are only in the beginning stages of being analyzed.

Our results as yet are of unknown value, but point to the possibilty of tracking the etheric shifts of space on our planet as a means of coroborating some of the conclusions of conventional astrology, or of aiding in earthquake predictions, or correlating anomalous events in wide ranging fields, especially in biology and mass behavior.

The purpose of these pages is threefold:

This document is divided into sections on:

History Technical discussion Sensor circuitry details Examples of data and discussion

You are invited to become involved. Please enjoy.

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