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An inspiring overview of research linking UFOs, Earth Grids, Sacred Geometry, Light, Gravity, Matter, and Time... into one unified field theory.

The Harmonic Conquest of Space

by Bruce Cathie
In Nexus Magazine
OCT/NOV 1994 Issue
PO box 177, Kempton, IL 60946-0177
Ph. 815-253-6464

This file was pulled off a newsgroup. It has been annontated by Glenda Stocks. Her comments are enclosed in [ ]'s.

[ The ideas presented in this article are very important for those of us who are forward thinkers. I wish to warn the reader that there are those who do not want you to think about Cathie's ideas. I saw evidence last year, of Cathie's ideas drawing very heavy debunking activity. It is your right to believe the naysayers, but in my opinion, it will also be your loss. I, myself, have been studying Walter Russell's works, and found Cathie's ideas, here, to be completely in agreement. You will notice that Cathie's method is the use of what is called sacred geometry. Don't let the word sacred throw you off track; it has nothing to do with religion. Sacred geometry is using geometry to study universal relationships or ratios. Whereas, plain geometry is concerned with actual measurements. It is by following the comparable ratios or relationships, that Cathie derives his unified theory, based on harmonics. For example, if one calculation derives a value of 3.456, and another results in 345.6, then these indicate comparable, relationships, and might be a clue to underlying universal, and mathematical theorems. This distinction of sacred geometry is very important, because finding these universal ratios are like road maps to understanding.

In the following article, I was not able to include graphs and charts. Please call Nexus magazine and order this OCT/NOV'94 issue. Also I used the words 'square root' or 'squ.root' in places where the square root sign was indicated. For numbers raised to powers, the power number is on the previous line of the equation; please note this when editing and reformatting the article.

For those in the science newsgroups (echos), don't be put off by Cathie's mention of UFO's. It was his sightings that led him to this study. And, besides, these days, more and more information concerning unidentified flying objects, and their possible occupants, is being shared and discussed world wide.

For you laypeople, i.e. non-scientists, I am prefacing the article with my comments about key points that Cathie brings to light. For example, he makes brief mention of sighting a bright object that makes several 90 degree angle turns, and my studies indicate that this particular angle is of importance, in the researching of a unified field theory. This angle might be closely related to all this spiralling motion, that I continue to remind people about. I am of the opinion, so far, based on my studies, that all motion is in a spiral form. Please keep the spiral in the back of your mind, so that when you see mention of it, in your scientific studies, you will make more notes about the spiral's importance in understanding our universe.

Cathie says that the UFO phenomena is a combination of off-world vehicles and those designed by humans. He says that some of the major UFO investigative groups are covers for elements of intelligence agencies, who are keeping tabs on public awareness of UFO's. I agree with both these points. I have seen evidence of the presence of these intelligence 'agents' on the newsgroups (echoes). This is serious 'business' to these folks, and they are present to steer public opinion, so we would be wise to use our own minds and think for ourselves. Their activities on the nets are VERY obvious, and you can spot them within about a week of monitoring the mail. However, there are also folks who are not actually 'agents' but are so persuaded by their 'pc' doctrine, that they will, in effect, do the work of the disinformation agents and debunkers. Simply ignore them; as has been pointed out recently, engaging them in discussion leads away from the topics at hand. 'Nuff said.

Cathie says that all is manifested from a complex pattern of interlocking wave-forms, and this theory agrees with Walter Rusells' work. All is a form of light. It is the frequency or vibration that determines the manifestation. This theory is one of the keys to synthesizing science and spirituality. Many channelled messages speak of how all is made of light, but science has to prove that this is true. We may intuitively know that it is true, but we still need to understand intellectually that it is true, and how it works.

We should also realize that bringing in this new science paradigm will be difficult, not because it is wrong, or incompatible with what we already hold to be science fact, but because it is true and there are those who do not want the people to know and understand it. Their hold on this information has come to an end. I know this sounds like "I Spy" and "007" but this is really the way things have been done in this world. Thinking that science breakthroughs are withheld seems silly, because we are told to believe that such notions of coverup and conspiracy are silly. Consequently, control is maintained. So, we need to face it; that there is plenty of science that certain people do not want the majority of us to be aware of.

Another highlight of this article, is Cathie's discussion of the 'illusion of form and distance'. Again, we have heard from the spiritualists that all that is manifest is but an illusion. We have heard of the holographic universe. We need science to explain to us, how this is possible; how it works. Cathie explains an important concept of the matter and antimatter cycles of existence. Again, this is confirmed by Russell. Cathie also explains the importance of frequency, or rate of vibration, as it pertains to our ability to perceive. The spiritualists tell us the same thing; that, for example, we cannot see, or perceive entities that are vibrating at a rate that is different than our own. Can this idea be proved? Can we understand how this works?

Another catch-word that Cathie mentions is 'resonance'. Resonance is used to describe two or more objects that vibrate at similar frequencies. Cathie explains how 'matter' is formed by different densities resulting from the interaction of the wave-forms (of light). The reason that we perceive matter, is that we are resonating with the frequencies of that which we perceive. The spiritualists would tell us that if we change the frequency of our perception, then we would perceive other realities. This perception might be called being in an altered state of consciousness.

Also these varying densities of wave-form interaction manifesting as matter, reveal that all is energy (or light). It is for this reason that the spiritualists tell us that we are light beings who have descended into dense matter. We are energy in our purest or real form, or actually formless. One can begin to understand the liberation that this understanding brings to the individual, and why those who wish to control the masses, do not want us to know our true nature. In effect, we allow them to control us, through our ignorance, and they want to keep us that way.

The harmonic values that Cathie derives, and says were used in building the pyramids, and great cathedrals, etc., are simply the universal relationships or ratios that are derived via sacred geometry. The platonic solids, as taught in sacred geometry, represent forms that exist as the underlying patterns by which much in nature is manifested. As are, other shapes, forms, and ratios, like phi, and logarithmic spirals. These universal patterns are like the blueprints of creation. For example, the tetrahedron, was explained as being the first and most stable structure, by Buckminster Fuller. Or the Fibonacci sequence is found throughout nature. The phi ratio is found throughout the human body, and was shown in DaVinci's canon of man. Looking at these universal ratios, helps us to understand how the universe works. There is a pattern, in sacred geometry, called the 'flower of life' which can be shown to be evident as the blueprint of the evolution of the human zygote to it's cell division of the first eight cells. These 8 cells are in a pattern called the 'egg of life'. This pattern is used in all biological life. These and other aspects of the study of sacred geometry, have been passed down to us from the ancients. This information has been held back by secret societies, and mystical teaching schools. This is serious and scientific information; some of the keys to understanding, intellectually, how creation works. This is why, it is said, that 'knowledge is power'. Could it be, then, that ignorance is not bliss, but weakness? I just had to look up the word 'power', and the 4th definition was 'the authority or ability to control others'. Hmmm... looks like without knowledge, we are able to be controlled?

Cathie's explanation of the 'illusion' of time and motion is excellent! It agrees with Russell's works and the teachings of the spiritualists. The discovery of 'dark matter' by scientists (astronomers) was already explained by sacred geometry as the 'dark light' spiral. If you can imagine a typical drawing of a white spiral, you will notice, that in order for you to see the spiral, an equal dark spiral is wound about the white one, in order to outline it. The spiritualists can use this concept to explain the 'dark forces', and how you cannot have one without the other. How they are also of the light, but of 'dark light'. Think about it.....

Well, that's all for my introductory comments. I hope that you will find food for thought in the following article: ]

5091.168825 / 2=2545.584412
Reciprocal of 2545.584412=0.0003928371
Square of 2545.584412=648

A complete set of harmonic unified tables which demonstrate the linkage between the gravitational and electromagnetic force, plus the relationship between the matter and antimatter cycles, are to be published in Bruce Cathie's forthcoming book, "The Harmonic Conquest of Space".

Currently being published by "NEXUS Magazine", The Harmonic Conquest of Space is due for release in November.

These tables can also be printed out by a computer program called "Gridworks" which is now being marketed world-wide.

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