Progress Report on Poynting Current

This is a transcript of a fax sent to David Jonsson. Mr. Jonsson was
asking Mr. Bearden to let us know about the progress in his research.
I gave it the title of "Progress Report on Poynting Current".
It is Copyright (c) 1995 by Mr. T.E. Bearden. All Rights Reserved.
Distributed through internet with the permission of Mr. T.E. Bearden
and Mr. Jonsson (internet:

I decided to include the document in TWO formats (ASCII files [.TXT]
and Windows 3.1 Write [.WRI]) in order to make the underline, bold,
equations, etc, easily readable to a largest pool of people as
possible. (If you use a Mac, you can always ask a friend who runs
Windows 3.1 to print it for you). However, for those who have no
choice but to use the ASCII format, I have included the legend for
the ASCII conventions that I used at the top of these files.

Note: In the case of the figure with isolines of field, the original
figure had the curves of field look almost like rounded corners outside
of but nearby the conductors. (i.e. not between them). I spent considerable
time trying to reproduce that one but it should be good enough to
present the concept that he wanted to convey: isolines become farther
apart as you get away from the conductors and there is some stretching
of the fields between the conductors.

Let David or me know if you hear anything new regarding Bearden's work!

Alain Beaulieu
Compuserve: 70403,3645  ( from internet)
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  • BEARD14.ZIP all files zipped including pictures and this header 175 kB.
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