Mass as an electromagnetic effect

This is a transcript of a fax sent to David Jonsson. Mr. Jonsson was
asking Mr. Bearden to comment on his claim that the mass of the 
electron could be explained by electromagnetism.
This is Copyright (c) 1995 by Mr. T.E. Bearden. All Rights Reserved.
Distributed through internet with the permission of Mr. T.E. Bearden
and Mr. Jonsson (internet:

I decided to include the document in TWO formats (ASCII files [.TXT]
and Windows 3.1 Write [.WRI]) in order to make the underline, bold,
equations, etc, easily readable to a largest pool of people as 
possible. (If you use a Mac, you can always ask a friend who runs 
Windows 3.1 to print it for you). However, for those who have no 
choice but to use the ASCII format, I have included the legend for 
the ASCII conventions that I used at the top of these files.

Let David or me me know if you hear anything new regarding Bearden's work!

Alain Beaulieu
Internet:  (will likely drop this one)
Compuserve: 70403,3645  ( from internet)


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  • Mass as an electromagnetic effect Microsoft Write version.
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