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What Goes Up Must Come Down

Military Applications of Advanced Tesla Technology

by Missy Mcdonald

Chicken Little was right when she said "the sky is falling." But unless you're gifted with some sort of X-ray vision, you can't see the torrential "rain" of microscopic particles freefalling through our atmosphere. A little known government funded experiment called HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project), would like to take the free out of freefalling. Where is HAARP being implemented? Just what is HAARP and what's it capable of?

The project is taking place on a remote slope in Gakona, Alaska. I might add that similar facilities can be found worldwide. It's been strategically aligned with one of the earth's geomagnetic lines of force, and sits atop an underground reservoir consisting of millions of cubic feet of natural gas. HAARP's apparatus includes 48 antenna elements arranged in 8 rows of 6 columns. It's basically a very large transmitter built to beam unprecedented amounts of energy into the ionosphere (see figure) thus "supercharging" it. HAARP can be described as having a "butterfly" effect. A comparatively small amount of energy beamed in one place, amplifies in the upper atmosphere, and unleashes greater energy somewhere else. This makes HAARP an especially interesting prospect for the military even though it's highly unpredictable.

The military has big plans for the many different functions this project qualifies for. One such function being defense weaponry. In U.S. Patent #4,686,605 (one of twelve HAARP related patents) it states that by transmitting a multitude of electromagnetic waves at varying frequencies, over a given region "this can cause confusion of or interference with or even complete disruption of guidance systems employed by even the most sophisticated of airplanes and missiles." Also achieved would be communication breakdown as well as loss of power and it has the ability to disable electrical systems.

Many leading edge scientists describe global weather as not only air pressure and thermal systems, but also as an electrical system. In the book Angels Don't Play This HAARP, authors Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning found that "As far back as 1958, the Chief White House Advisor on weather modification, Capt. Howard T. Orville said the DOD (Department of Defense) was studying ways to manipulate the charges of the earth and sky and so affect the weather' by using an electronic beam to ionize or deionize the atmosphere over a given area" (70).

Tomography is another application. By creating a radiation shower with ELF's (extra low frequencies) around 10-20 Hertz (pulses per second) the military is able to locate underground structures such as shelters, nuclear facilities, even oil and mineral deposits. Hand in hand with HAARP's mapping ability was a project called Prime Argus that investigated ways of not only detecting earthquakes, but causing them as well, by creating an imbalance in a certain region's magnetic field. This particular project was funded by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), which has since changed it's acronym to just ARPA. Hmmm. Some of these weapons violate international agreements.

A separate violation began as a precursor to HAARP in Wisconsin during the 1970's. Project Sanguine caused major disputes between the residents, scientists, and politicians. The U.S. Navy wanted to utilize close to 40% of the state with antenna apparatus that would cover 6,200 miles! All in order to broadcast ELF waves to a fleet of nuclear submarines. After much debate the project was finally dumped. By way of comparasion, the HAARP would be using the ionosphere as one big, round, multi-purpose antenna.

ELF (extra low frequency) waves are many miles long and are the most sluggish of the frequency spectrum. Their range is below 1000 Hertz, the same range as the brain-wave patterns of all animals including humans. The body's cells and organs, like every other living thing on the planet, have their own electromagnetic fields. These fields interact with the earth's natural electromagnetic field. ELF's external pulsating waves alter the way calcium ions bind to cells, creating an array of chemical changes, altering health and mental abilities. The U.S. Naval Medical Research Center discovered that the potency of a naturally occuring chemical in the body can be increased by "harmonizing" with that chemical's frequency. HAARP could quite possibly re-route chemical reactions in our bodies and have detrimental effects on overall health.

Brainwave patterns are highly receptive to ELFs. Brainwaves can be pushed into new patterns by external stimulation. This causes brain chemistry change which in turn causes change in brain outputs in the form of thoughts, emotions, or physical condition. Frequency, power level, and wave form are key components for manipulating brain activity. The HAARP radiated energy pulses, and wave forms cited in the contract documents, are within the ranges most cited by research scientists as those responsible for controlling and manipulating the mind and body. An article in Military Review revealed a "new mental battlefield" emerging from technology utilizing telepathic weapon systems that interfere with the brains electrical functioning. The potential for abuse here is staggering! HAARP records indicate when the project reaches it's peak, ELF waves can be used to affect entire regional populations. The projected date for a fully operational HAARP is set for 1998.

Given the unpredictability of HAARP and other like facilities, certain questionable incidents may have connections. For instance Robert Cooke reported in New York Newsday "Quick mysterious bursts of energy that mimic bursts of radio waves from atomic explosions are being detected by a prototype sattelite"(15). Scientists don't know where they're originating from but that they're extraordinarily strong and brief.

At the Chicago Air Route Traffic Control Center in September, 1994, a computer failure caused nationwide flight delays due not only to lost radar but lost radio communications as well. The National Air Traffic Control Association contends most of the airspace they cover was out for 7 minutes, while some areas were out for 45 minutes. The facility has several back-up systems, on-site generators for power failures and was built to withstand a nuclear attack; all it took to foul it up was one electrician who made a bad connection -- he took the blame anyway.

Also circumstancially suspect is the first day the HAARP facility was powered up (on record that is) happened to coincide with last summer's massive power outages in the Western U.S. However, without independent monitoring keeping track, no official connections can be made. Of course, with all the big money and powers involved, a "watchdog" group would likely turn into "lapdog" while business continued as usual.

For more in-depth information I suggest reading the book "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" (Advances In Tesla Technology), written by Jeane Manning and Dr. Nick Begich.

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